Thursday, August 28, 2008

That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

Three years ago today, I was living the life. I was days away from marring my prince charming(or so I thought I was) I was in St. George enjoying not working, looking for apartments, the summer heat, and preparing for eternal happiness. I knew nothing of what was happening in the world, my brain was completely occupied with invitations, wedding phone calls, and bliss. We were in our own little world where it seemed the world had stopped for us. On the 29 of August 2005, Phil called me from work to tell me to go and fill up the car with gas. I questioned why, because this was a random request. He said there had been a hurricane in New Orleans and the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico were probably damaged and gas was certain to spike. He said go get gas then come back and watch the news. So with my brain still in a haze, I did what he asked. Well, I took my time. I went to the library to look for jobs (we didn't have the Internet where I was staying) and then I went to check on a few more apartments. As I got closer to where I was staying (which was almost back to back with his office) I stopped and got us lunch. After bringing it into his office, he asked if I had seen the news or called my parents. I said no to both, and hurricanes are always happening, its just a being rain storm, I've never been effected by one. He quickly got to the Internet and pulled up the news station and showed pictures. I was in shock, well to be completely honest I don't think it really sunk in until a month later. My head was still in the clouds. I remember thinking, oh those poor people. That must be heart breaking, moment of silence, so what do you think about these apartments?? I know, I'm selfish.
Now three years later, they are still rebuilding and
Gustav is threatening to destroy everything they have worked to repair. I remember the first home game LSU football had (I have become somewhat of a college football fan), the roars from the crowds, the pride of a city and team.


Looking back over the past three years and seeing updated picture slide shows on of how New Orleans is making its way back is empowering. They lost everything, and yet they are rebuilding. It will never be the same city it once was, but then again we are never the same after something destroys us. Yes, the rebuilding may be slow, most of its once prideful citizens have not and will not return to their once beloved city, and the city is relying on outside help to rebuild itself. But look at yourself, are you the same? Take me for example- I am not the same 21 year old clueless, flighty, naive, person I once was. I have scares, parts that are being rebuild, parts that have yet to be touched, and parts that excelling in other ways. They questioned cancelling the football season, but kept it for the thought of something normal in a time of chaos, something that was there before, familiarity. As New Orleans continues to rebuild we must look at its example and rebuild each time we are faced with trials. Some may think those that stayed or moved back are a glutton for punishment, but when things go wrong do you completely abandon who you are? or do you try and learn and build yourself stronger?

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