Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras @ Kelly's

Monday we all went up to Kelly's for a party. We had Jambalaya, bread, meat pies, king cake, and all sorts of good stuff. We made masks and had a parade. It was pretty awesome. If you want more pics go to Libby's Blog.


Jake dressed up

Right before Sammers grabbed Kelly's still wet(glue) mask

Manda making her mask

Jared with a pre-made mask

Kelly helping all the kids with their masks

Monday, February 23, 2009

(pre)Mardi Gras

So to get in the mood for

MaRdI GrAs

I thought I would decorate my place. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find stuff, but I guess Mardi Gras isn't a big deal in Utah, my home-teachers didn't even know what it was.

This is the King Cake I made from SCRATCH.- I'm thinking Culinary Arts school after I graduate.

Dining room

On top of the entertainment center

Centerpiece for the table

Once I explained what the holiday Mardi Gras is for they asked, so are you Catholic? haha. I think if you are going to celebrate the funness of Mardi Gras then you should celebrate Lent and give something up for 40 days. Last year I gave up Mt. Dew and every time I grab one I never understand why I liked it in the first place and so I end up never drinking it. So in a way I am healthier because of Lent. I haven't decided what I am going to give up this year, I still have 11 hours- any suggestions? Included are some pics. Tonight is the real party at Kelly's.

Friday, February 20, 2009

In & Out

In & Out is coming to Utah and Salt Lake County! (Draper and American Fork) Even though I hate huge crowds and stupid people(they seem to go hand in hand), I am excited for In & Out! I know these two stores will ALWAYS be busy, but its worth the wait. I wonder what kind of profit they would make if they put one in Provo!? Yikes.
linka, linkb to news stories.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 St. George Parade of Homes

This past weekend Cindy and I went to PoH. We left at 6am Sat morning and thought about turning around several times due to the horrible snow storm, but we didn't. We were able to see all but 7 of the 26 homes. It was sunny and warm (high 50s). We were in long sleeve t-shirts. It was WONDERFUL. I did kinda miss it there, who wouldn't miss warm winters? But being there made me realize how fortunate I am and has given me the motivation to make 09 my year. Why am I sitting around waiting? I realized how much I missed those feelings. Here is a link to the pics I took.
St. George Parade of Homes

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

The best part of the Super Bowl are the commercials. Companies pay way to much money for 30 seconds of advertising, but in turn hope to make a memorable commercial and boost sales. This year was nothing less. In between 100yr touchdown plays, to last 30 seconds of the game touchdowns were countless funny and not so funny commercials. There were many applicants but only so much time available. Featured below is one of the commercials that didn't make the cut because it was 'too political.'

What is the world coming to? I know I say I don't like politics, and I don't unless there's something happening that I don't agree with, then I voice my opinion. I love how this positive commercial didn't make the cut but commercials from were all over the place. There are practically naked women all over the place, the might not be nude, but very little is left to the imagination. I guess sex does sell. And it being the Super Bowl and ad about Pro-Life really wasn't going to influence the male demographic watching, like a half naked woman would.
But, enough about that lets move on to greener pastures. I really enjoyed Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the National Anthem. She stayed close to the original song and didn't screw it up by adding her own ending. There's something about hearing that song, seeing football players cover their heart with their hand and the fly by of the fighter jets that just sends chills up my spine.