Monday, February 14, 2011

Dollar Store DI

This weekend I went on the hunt for a new set of bookshelves. After visiting one furniture store we walked across the parking lot to DI, to see if there were any steals! Well we hit the jackpot!!!!

We found this AMAZING couch/rocker for $35.
If I had a truck this would be in my room!
We found lots of giraffes which Beans and I love, so we got a few, we also found a giant monkey in a banana- we had to buy!

I also found this shoved in the holiday isle just crammed in the shelf.
These retail around $70 I got it for $1.
it was dirty and just needed a rinse but HOLY FREAKING COW!!! what a deal! The humor in this is the Monkey with a banana as a bottom was $5.

Friday, February 11, 2011

B-E- aggressive... more than a b-ball cheer

I've been drooling over this painting for a while and this week I found it on KSL. I saw that it had been listed for 20+ days and so it was probably sold, but I sent an email, on the off chance it was still there. No reply. The next day around 2ish I thought to call, (some people don't check their email that often) I didn't want to seem pushy and if they didn't answer my email it means its probably sold, right?
Well I called anyhow, and told her about the email I sent and she said it was still available. I asked when it could be picked up and she said she came down to Utah county about once a week, well I was bold and asked if I could come up. she questionably ask, today? and I answered I get off work at 5. I dove up to where she was and she knocked of $10 for my travel.

It's MINE !!!!!!

Lesson Learned: B - E AGGRESSIVE and go for what you want, make it happen!