Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I do declare...

So, this is my costume. Scroll below to previous entry to see what I was trying to achieve.
Supplies: hot glue, white skirt, white shirt, homemade stencil, paint, feather boa, poofy skirt, green ribbon, 1yd velvet, hat from DI, and thread.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry, Barbie, plans have changed

Libby wanted a progress report on my costume. I'm going to be Scarlet from Gone with the Wind. All I am missing is the butt bow, the hat, and hair, which will be finished tonight, hopefully.
The skirt

The ruffles at the top of the dress

The top of the dress

In other non-Halloween news I got my grade back from AutoCad and I got a B+.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Meredith makes a great point

I love The Office.

Meredith has a blog on their website that I rarely ever check but I am bored. The title was Relationships. I'm guessing in response to last nights show. Here is an excerpt from her blog. I really liked the last paragraph of the entry. It has to do with my previous blog entry. My favorite part is the last sentence.

It’s called game. And I got plenty. Good thing too, ‘cause sometimes a man wants you bad but he just doesn’t know it yet. That’s when you school him. At my age, I can’t just rely on my good looks. Those attributes get me in the door, but it’s my womanly guiles and determination that seal the deal. I refuse to take “oh hell no” for an answer. With time, plenty of tequila, and some dim lighting, I always wear them down. And you can too. Just be really really persistent and remember that someone else’s trash may turn out to be your treasure.

A bit has been deleted due to not being blog appropriate, but you get the point.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 Down 15 to go

Last night was my final for AutoCad. When this class first started I imagined it being one of the hardest class I would have to take. To be completely honest, I had signed up and dropped this class in previous semesters because I just didn't think I could handle it. I have also learned, take the hard classes fist don't leave them for the end, because at that point you just want to be done. As I walked out of the classroom last night, I felt liberated. I had accomplished something that not everyone can do. I don't want to compare it to any accomplishment, because if time was taken anyone could learn how to do it. But for my sake, its a great skill to have in the construction industry. I felt a weight lifted off of me. Not only will I get my Monday and Wednesday nights back, but I get to go to FHE. I really enjoy going, maybe its because some of my friends are in the group or there are a few hotties, but really I enjoy hanging out with smaller groups of people than huge crowds. Last night I was able to make it to the very end of FHE, they were breaking pinatas from the previous weeks when they made them. Cindy and I stayed late and played a game of Foosball. I think I have only played this game a time or two, but thanks to Cindy letting me look good, I won. Overall it was quite an enjoyable night, and I can't wait for all the fun Holiday themed FHEs.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Today was the longest day, and I had a headache. I broke down and got a Mt. Dew. BIG MISTAKE. Now I can't fall asleep so I thought I would post a few pictures of some projects I have completed in AutoCad, just so my parent know their money is not being wasted. There are quite a few red marks, let just say the teacher is VERY detail oriented! =) Even though there is a lot of red he only took off a point or two. I guess it helps being the only girl in the class. We just finished a floor plan and the final is Monday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No news is good news. Right??

Well the past few weeks have been busy with school, so nothing has really been happening. The other night I had come home from school and it was around 10pm so I didn't want to make a meal but I hadn't eaten since lunch so I was starving. I looked in the pantry and saw Carrots. I LOVE carrots. Not only do they help your eyes stay great, but they also help with your tan. 2 great reasons to love them. But back to my story. Cracker Barrel makes the BEST carrots. Every time I try and make them but I just cant seem to figure it out. So I poured my carrots out of the can (that might be the problem right there, they are out of a can) and into the pot. Now usually I fold the lid down into the can so nothing happens. Well this time I was trying to be funny and said something to my roommates and lost my grip on the can. Instead of letting the EMPTY can hit the carpeted floor, I struggled to catch it. Needless to say it didn't end well. But the carrots were great as usual.
On another note Staci my other roommate had a birthday. It kinda snuck up on me, meaning she wouldn't tell us when it was. SO this is the cake she got. Thanks to Cindy for helping with the testing of making the brown icing.