Friday, August 1, 2008

Value of Past Relationships

Today, I had to run a few errands for work and I was driving on University Ave, which is a very busy street. I had to get new ink cartridges. There are little shops that run down the street and you must parallel park. Lets take a few steps back to when I was 17(2000ish), I was taking my driver's licence test and passing with flying colors. The test consisted of driving around the block, that's right 4 right hand turns and then pulling back into the DMV and parking. To my luck when I pulled into the parking lot there was a spot open directly in front of me all I had to do was drive in a straight line and then put the car in park. I did not have to turn and try not to hit the other cars or anything. So jump back to 2004, I was dating this guy, and at the time didn't have a car. He rarely let me touch his car much less drive it. I never understood why he was so possessive about who he let drive it, until I got my own car. He loved his car probably more than he would ever love his child or wife. I mean he was seriously attached. Yes, it was red and sporty, a true guys car. Well one day we were driving around Liberty Square (where we both lived) trying to find somewhere to park. He mentioned that we would have to parallel park. I told him I had never parallel parked. I could sense his panic. One of the few times he was letting me drive, and I can't park. I started to freak out. If this wasn't enough, lets put a cherry on top, it was also stick shift !!! He walked me through it, calmed my nerves and taught me how to park. A skill that I have used many times living in Provo, because there is NO parking. Well zoom back to today. I saw the ink store but there were cars everywhere and only 1 spot left to park. I turned on my blinker and started to parallel park. Usually I have to pull back out and try maybe twice to get it perfect or sometimes I can't get in perfectly straight and the back is sticking out or I get to close to the curb. This video explains how I fell about it. But today, I did the unthinkable, I parked perfectly. I backed in, pulled forward, and was done. It was so nice I wish I had my camera because I would have taken a picture. The guy might not be to high on the 'great boyfriend' list but he did teach me a valuable lesson, and for that he can be all that bad.

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DiaNe said...

that clip is priceless. That clip also describes me in ANY parking situation.