Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Chicks

For Christmas I received the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. There are plenty of cupcakes I want to try but this is my first. Here is the link to what they are supposed to look like Spring Chick Cakes. I used mini cupcakes, black icing, and tic tacs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Counting down to the cruise

So I've been thinking a lot about going on this cruise. Mostly about what could go wrong. I've hidden behind the 'why would anyone want to leave this country' but I've got a passport and a friend that likes to travel and go on vacations, so I'm going on a cruise. I'm very EXCITED but I do have a few concerns.

1. The boat sinking. what if it has those gates in it like they did in the Titanic movie, where the poor people were trapped? I checked our room and we are 2 floors above the life boats. Cindy says they can hold around 200 - I'm just glad I'm a chick (women and children first) that rule still applies Right?!?!?!?! 2. Sharks. I pray they don't like dark meat! but I did learn from shark week that if you place your palm on their nose they wont eat you, so you know I have that going for me.

3. Pirates- I doubt they are anything like Johnny Depp. I just hope their ships are clearly labeled like this one.
4. Manda reminded me about this movie. I know but Abby you don't watch scary movies or movies without happy endings but alas I have seen this one, and ummm see #2 above. Also another fear, Cindy and I signed up for snorkeling...umm what if the boat forgets us???????
5. I want to either sleep on the floor or put something that will wake me up if water starts running onto the floor. Even though I mentioned we are 2 feet above the lifeboats we are still in the front of the boat. Cindy said since were on the inside of the boat our rooms with be completely dark, at first I was overjoyed (i like sleeping like a vampire) but I'm not sure I'll be getting a great nights sleep like I thought I would.
6. again sharks, but how am I suppose to put my palm on every shark if they are circling like this?

7. I might be a little spoiled, but umm do you have any nicer jail cells, maybe with an unused mattress or sheets, or maybe a not so public bathroom, or air conditioner, or without bugs or small animals? (my spanish isn't all that great and quite offensive. Cindy said if I'm not shot, I'll probably end up in prison)8. I know its seem impossible but I'm that one person that would fall off the entrance ramp into the nasty water.

So umm yeah, a few things that are worrying me. I'm not getting that much sleep, which gives my mind more time to think of things that could go wrong.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New favorite

Heard this song on the way to work this morning. I think its a new favorite. It's 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T's.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Table

So every holiday I redo the table and add a few decorations around the house. I have a lot of craft blogs that I seal ideas from, but no one was putting up their Easter/spring ideas, so I had to come up with it on my own. I've seen the jelly beans in vases before and I saw the idea for the flower balls(the smaller 2) at TaiPan. The nest idea was from a Martha Stewart magazine a while ago. The green plates I found while looking for a table runner at Walmart(it was like 10:30pm) which they dont carry but I think they are trying to compete with the cute stuff that Target sales. They had those plates in 3 different colors/designs. I kinda wanted them all.

For the top of the tv I found wood garland @ Hobby Lobby and paired it with garland @ TiaPan. The chicks and eggs are from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon pails and eggs were from the $spot at Target. The big egg topiary thing is from TiaPan. It was found in the clearance section (which I did not know existed, i stumbled across it) It was marked down because the paint on a few of the eggs on one side were chipped, ummm just have that facing back, so I got a steal on it.
This is the wreath I made, most of it is from hobby lobby and TiaPan.
When Cindy saw it she asked when she got her own home if I could decorate it! some other friends mentioned I should be a wedding planner.... humm seems like there would be a good market here in UT, maybe I should look into it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Working out

Lately none of my clothes seem to fit and I REFUSE to buy a certain number size, and I'm there! I think in a way I have one of the same problems that anorexics have....I see myself as one size in the mirror and think that's how I really look. and then I see a picture from a party or something and the clouds part and I think is that really me? But the mirror doesn't look like that.... I think I've got an idea of how I used to look stuck in my head that refuses to let me see what everyone else sees. So when I saw those pictures and the blinders came of it was kinda scary. And I thought back to a DVD that Cindy and I had watched. The DVD is Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy - Live From Bakersfield. He is a comedian on the Comedy Central station. In this DVD he has the 6 levels of fat.

Its funny but where do I fall?? So I thought since I got myself into this I have to get myself out and I didn't get this way in a week but over time. I have a friend who has tried Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred so when I told her I was going to buy it she said why don't you try mine first and see if you like it. So I did. I was expecting a video comparable to something I had goofed around with in high school, something like Sweating to the Oldies or Jane Fonda.

So I read the reviews thinking oh I can handle this, I'll be on level 2 maybe by the 3rd time I watch it. I was wrong. Last night after studying a little math I thought I'd give it a shot. I put it in pumped and ready to go. After the warm up I was a little tired (talk about feeling fat) but I thought its only a 20 minute workout I can do this. Trust me its hard. As I panted through the whole thing and thought my legs were going to fall off at any minute I finished the video and felt somewhat humbled but proud that I had finished it. It was difficult but I guess if it was easy I wouldn't get as much out of it. My thighs still feel like jello this morning but that means its working RIGHT??? I'll continue to do this for the 30 days it says too and well see at the end of the month if it was really worth it...we'll if it keeps me from sitting all night in front of the TV, I think I will have accomplished something.