Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can do hard things

There was a post on Bakerella's blog about a 14 layer cake. It looked amazing. If you go to her blog its dated Feb.15th. I saw this and wanted to make it. Now all I needed was a reason. Thankfully my friend Allison had a birthday, so I made it for her. It took a whole Sunday to make and instead of a 12 layer cake it was an 11 layer cake due to a malfunction in the kitchen (I dropped one layer out of the oven). So here are some pics! The first one is from bakerella but the rest are of the one I made. I really am starting to think maybe once I graduate and get a job, maybe I will look into cooking schools! Who knows.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life's little treasures

So on another friends blog they made a list of their 10 favorite things. Here are mine in no particular order. I added 11 b/c I couldn't decide which one I wanted to remove so there's 11. deal with it.

1. Blue Bell.
What I wouldn't do for one of these, but filled with Blue Bell ice cream. I searched and search the internet but couldn't find the exact picture. Oh what I wouldn't do for an Orange ice cream filled Blue Bell popsicle, or a Banana Blue Bell popsicle. Blue Bell is the BEST ice cream. It makes everything else melt away.
2. Clorox Bleach/Wipes.
3. Hershey's Hugs. I love white chocolate and I love Hershey's. I am not a fan of the high priced foreign chocolate.
4. Skintimate Moisturizing After Shave Gel Raspberry Rain. They don't sell it in the stores here anymore but I wish they did, its a great moisturiser.
5. Carmex lip balm Original.
6. DownEast Outfitters long sleeve t-shirt. SO comfortable.
7. KitchenAid Mixer. I got it for Christmas a year or 2 ago and it has been the best purchase ever.
8. Old Navy flip flops. By the end of the summer season I usually have a pair in every color and at least 2 black pairs. They are so comfortable.
9. Kirklands home decor store. I could live there forever.
10. Real Simple magazine. It has plenty of easy recipes, crafts and great organizing tips.
11. Semi-Homemade by Sandra Lee. I have only tried making a couple of deserts, they turned out great and its an amazing time saver.