Monday, November 12, 2012


I was excited for Halloween this year, COUPLES COSTUME!!!!!! yay! We went as Mickey and Minnie. Casey was a good sport. Better do all the cutesy couple stuff now while he still will. 

New Blog

Since my last post, a lot has happened. If you scroll down to that last post the 4 girls in that picture a lots happened to them too. Within a year and a half of that picture all of us will be married! Its strange, you feel like you're stuck in concrete going nowhere and then all of the sudden you're running on a moving sidewalk in the airport because you are late for a flight.

With all the new stuff thats happened Ive decided to start over. Ive started a new chapter. Meet Casey:
We met in Provo in the fall of 2011. We were called to the same calling as co-chairs. Allison M. my friend decided one Sunday to befriend Casey and his roommate Kabe. Since Allison and I always hung out I became friends with these guys too. Shortly after this Casey and I began dating. It wasnt until a trip to New York in December that my friends made me see how great of a guy Casey is. He called and texted me everyday while in New York and took me to the airport and came and got me. The weekend before Valentines day I mentioned to Casey I wanted to celebrate it. (Before this I had told him if he even sent me a valentines day text it was over. I was saving my last holiday not assigned to a guy for my husband- i'd waited this long, i wasnt going to waist the 'love' holiday on just anybody) He asked if I was sure and for some reason I was okay with it. At the end of Feb. Casey proposed,
and in July we were sealed in the Draper, UT Temple.