Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Branching Out

Last night for FHE we had Ward FHE. We played Olympic games. Well that's what the title of FHE was. We had a relay race, which I had to carry a egg on a plastic spoon for a distance. There was a watermelon eating contest, tire toss, tug of war, and other games. There was also a dessert contest. Sounds fun right?? well it was, but I had to go by myself. Most of you would be okay with that but for my it was a big deal. I can do somethings on my own but when I don't really know anyone it is incredibly difficult. My roommates were not there, Diane was practicing in the garage with her band, and Cindy is in PA with her family. So I talked myself into it all day. At the moment of truth I grabbed my dessert and ran out the door before I could think to turn back. Once I got there I place my dessert on the table and started to freak. I didn't know anyone. But then a few people that are in my FHE group came over. It was difficult throughout the night meeting people, and standing alone at times. But I did it, and I had a pretty good time. Oh, and I won 1st prize on the dessert contest. I made Caramel Apple Pecan Cheesecake. Everyone asked if I had bought it, and when I said I had made it from scratch people were amazed. I loved it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Small and Simple things

This weekend was full of small and simple things. It made me realize to take a step back, quit riding the guys bumper in front of me and look for the small things that really do make life worth it.
This week at church was great. The General Presidency of the church sent out a letter, that was read last week, stating that in Sacrament Meeting they would prefer for those speaking to the congregation to not ask them to look up scriptures, or turn to such and such page. This week during the talks I was paying close attention to see if someone forgot. No one did, but the point is that without the noise of the pages of the scriptures being flipped, you could really hear the speaker and the spirit confirming what was said. One Friday, Diane and I rented a movie. It was one of those movies that's only great when there is not thinking involved, and it is really late at night. At the end of the movie, well the last line of the movie was ' Scatter,....It's like the Titanic, but with bears.' The scene was that a bear had gotten lose in a basketball arena. Maybe you just had to be there. Saturday, while I was at the pool, multitasking, not just laying out but reviewing math for the placement test I have to take before August. I got a call from Diane. She had locked herself out of her car. I almost didn't answer the phone b/c I did not recognize the number (her phone was in the car also). After picking her up we explored the options so that she could get her car back. Her parents had sent her a spare in the mail a few days before so we checked the mail and by some miracle, it was in the mailbox.
When we went back to the pool, we met up with a couple of old friends, and can I say it is great to hear that you are missed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Courage in Rainbow Bottoms

This summer my roommate Cindy and I bought a Seven Peaks Water Park Season Pass. They had a special for students. I had never been and figured buying a pass was the same as going twice so why not. We have enjoyed our after work and Saturday visits. She is a teacher and makes me want to change my major to teaching just so I can have the summers off to swim. I know dumb reason esp. since I am so far along. One joy of going to the pool is that we get to see Provo's finest. By no means do we look like Barbies, but I think we realize this and dress accordingly. Plus we are Judgers. We have gotten to the point of all we have to do is say the other persons name and maybe a direction and then we both start laughing or smile or wonder what their thought process was. We justify ourselves in the probability that there are other people saying the same stuff about us. We were able to get a photo of this guy. This guy must have very high self-esteem to say the least. It was difficult to get a picture, 1. we didn't bring a camera (a little too obvious) 2. it was the camera on my phone, and 3. people are constantly moving. But thankfully Cindy got the job done. ENJOY....hopefully as much as we did. If you can't see it click on the picture and look dead center.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Manda's Special Day @ Texas Roadhouse

So for Manda's Special Day we went to Texas Roadhouse. We dressed up as cowgirls. After dinner we went to walmart, Manda needed shelves and after walking all over the Sandy (south town mall area) Walmart we ended up buying Formula for Sam, b/c it was on sale. So there we were in the express checkout dressed as 4 cowgirls buying 2 cans of formula. OH and another funny story of the night was pretty much everywhere we looked people were picking wedgies. One very obvious one was at the Walmart. Picture this is you will.... All of us in a horizontal line across the main front walkway of walmart- the walkway between the registers and the clothing- and right in front of us is a lady and she was going to town picking her wedgie. Now this was after dinner and many jokes so we were already laughing. We tried to stop but jsut couldn't help it. Overall this was a great party. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parade of Homes

This week and last week have been the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I have gone to 22 of the 28 and I am hoping to finish this weekend before Manda's Special Day (birthday). Some of theses are from the St. George Parade of Homes that were done in February. I like several different styles and I want to incorporate them in to my future house, so I take pictures of ideas that I like. It is also nice to see what they have out there and the endless possibilities there are. I will post more after I visit the other homes, including the one I designed!!!!
love the idea of the sink, not a fan of the faucet. (St. George)
This was the view from the living room. from the white concrete floors, to the drop off pool to the view of the mountains. This house seemed cold, and very modern. I like the view but not at the cost of glass walls and no carpet or wood. (St. George)
This was the master bathroom. All glass and mirrors. I loved how clean it was but the downfall was- a lack of privacy and water residue and fingerprints- a mess to clean up; But great idea. (Utah County)
Oh, how I want this house. All it needs is a huge tree with a swing, and a picket fence. (UC)
Rock wall with a pit, great idea, the other part of the basement was a basketball court decked out in BYU. (UC)
Simply, I LOVE this house, not in the parade but next door to a house that was. (UC)
Chandelier (St. George)
This style is very popular in the parade this year. They have it at different levels, but it seems to be in every home. (UC)
Pirate ship bed. (UC)
The little details. I think this would also be great if they did the family monogram. (UC)
Again same room, not really noticeable but great details.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Almost There

So, I am like 3 semester away from being a college graduate. I can't believe it. If someone would have told me 6 years ago when I moved to Utah, that I wouldn't reach goals that I set for myself but that I would accomplish things I never thought of I would have told them they were crazy. Yes I know I will graduate college after 7 years after graduating High School; but let me explain: Moved out to UT -Sum/02
Worked for a year (deciding on what to major in) -Sum/03
Dated a guy - took 9 credits just to get my feet wet -Fall/04
Dated another guy- threw everything to the wind -Sum/05
Worked for a year- getting life back on track -Fall/05
Started School -Sum/06
Stressful Job, Parade of Homes, and Libby's pg w/ Miles and James (i know really didn't affect me but kept keys handy for emergencies) -Sum/07
School -Fall/Winter 08
I keep hearing the line from Tommy Boy:
Tommy: Did you hear I finally graduated?
Richard Hayden: Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too, all right.
Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard Hayden: I know, they're called doctors.
I'm in no way going to be a doctor, but like Tommy I feel graduating, no matter how long it takes or how many speed bumps get in the way, the fact that you graduated is what really matters. So I am driven to succeed. It's getting to the point where the last semesters are planned out for me. An example of this is I have to take accounting but can't until I fulfill my math requirement. So this forces me to take math this coming fall. I have not taken math much less thought about it since I was a junior in High School. I have used math in the past 6 years but not to the extent of diving into something new everyday. I was able to find a practice test to study before I go and take the placement tests. I opened it for a second and randomly selected a problem or two, to see if I could do anything, trying to find a starting point, and I did it. I checked my answer and I got it right. I guess somethings really do stick. I have yet to actually sit down and dive into that practice test but in the next week or two after Parade of Homes its back to the grind.
I do watch crappy TV late at night. It is usually Friends, Sex and the City or Will and Grace, its my flip to when nothings on or what I am watching has gone to commercial. Last night I was watching Will and Grace and there was the scene of Grace and Will talking in their apartment...
Grace: who is it?
*more knocking*
Grace: *louder* who is it?
*more knocking*
*Grace opens door*
Karen: honey, i don't yell

My bosses office is next to mine, separated by a wall, but easily heard threw. Today right as he was hanging up the phone I yelled asking him a question and I remembered what Karen said. I quickly got up and went to his office and asked my question. I also told him about the Will and Grace quote and he just started laughing and told me to remember where I work. Its okay to yell, it's a loud place. As I thought about what he said I remember something my mom would always ask us- 'were you raised in a barn?' I guess my manners have slipped and I need to put working on those back on the to do list.