Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traditions- Thanksgiving

Growing up the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a big deal. We had these candy canes, we watched the parade in our pjs while mom was cooking away for dinner. We would always try and 'sneak' in the kitchen and grab something to eat. There was always a plate of fudge or any holiday treat you could think of. I also think there was a bowl of Party Mix, dad's favorite. Usually during some point of the parade Dad and one of us would usually make a run to the grocery store if one was open or the nearest Circle K to get whatever had been forgotten or if we needed more ice. My dad always made sure we were back in time to see Santa at the end of the Parade. After the parade we would all get ready for the day and head over to Grandma Brossette's house. There was more food there than can be imagined. I remember the kids ate in the living room while the grown ups ate in the kitchen. I also remember Grandma NEVER sat down, she was always serving others. She was the last to eat and her meal was always cold. I think she, like dad and me just couldn't sit still. She always made chocolate pie and stuffing. She always had a regular and a sugar-free chocolate pie, so Grandpa could have a slice too. It was the traditional Thanksgiving with the turkey, the cranberry sauce that was dumped out of a can and place on a plate that never got eaten, the green bean casserole and the rolls.
One of my favorite balloons Super Grover

Here are some Fun Facts about the Parade.
also this is one of my favorite pics:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Josh's special day

Crazy Jared Grace at the bean bag toss

Abby and Sam. Libby got a little carried away with the face painting an attacked the babies.
Manda with Sam
Libby and James
This past Saturday Josh celebrated his 4th birthday. The theme was Carnival and we all dressed up. There were different stations that could be visited. Amanda the big lady, was in charge of the sucker matching game, Libby, the bearded lady was over face painting, and I was the clown over the duck matchng game. There was also a bean bag toss, cake walk, and bowling. Overall it was a GREAT party.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are left handed people smarter?

If says it then it must be true. Click on the link below and then once you've finished click on 'is it true' located by the 'msn' logo in the left corner and it will take you to a fun page.

IS it True?

Also in the article it talks about previous presidents and you have to click on 'this one' to see which it is. I thought it was funny, well for all the flack he is getting. I don't want to get all political see a few entries back but obviously he was doing a good job or a better job than his competitors would have done or why did he serve 2 terms??

But its now all in the past, let it die. and REMEMBER, Left-handed people are better than YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas has arrived

This is the true sign that Christmas has arrived. White Fudge Oreos. I first found these treasures when I was a teenager and have had at least one box each Christmas. My Dad called about a week ago asking if I had bought some yet and told him I had been looking since the 1st of November and hadn't seen any. Last night my roommate Staci came home and told me she had a surprise! Not in my wildest dreams did I think Oreos, but it was. My first box of White Fudge covered Oreos. I sat there and looked at the box not wanting to open them so they would last forever, but alas that only lasted for 30 minutes and then we each had one. Now usually I am a sharer but not when it comes to these. I just love them. Now all I need is to go get a lifesaver book, another Christmas only item that dates back to my childhood.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gingerbread Festival

This past weekend was the Gingerbread festival at Thanksgiving point. I was expecting wall to wall houses, where I didn't want to invite anyone because it would be a house overload. Most people don't enjoy looking at houses as much as I do. When I walked in there were only 2 long rows of houses. I guess there might have been a 75 or so, but placed on 2 rows. Once I finished looking at all the houses I zipped back down to Orem for Super Sister Saturday.

wafers for the fence.
melted marshmallowsDr. Seuss HouseTree HouseLog cabinsticks of gum used for shinglesLoved this one!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Accept it or pack your bags

I am not one to be political. I do NOT like arguing or confrontation, so I stay out of it and keep my opinions to myself. When I was growing up I remember going to the small church on the outskirts of the neighbor hood with Mom so she could go vote. There we no endorsements in our front yard, My parents did not talk to others about who they were voting for. It was a private matter. Today we have celebrities backing politicians and giving their income to help their cause. Carrie Underwood makes a great point here. They use their celebrity power to influence peoples votes. I personally like watching the Ellen show and Oprah. They both publicly support candidates and propositions that I do not. I think they are funny and intelligent women but I wish they would have just kept their political ideals to themselves. Everyone knows that Ellen is gay, did she really need to make a big deal about it on her show? We knew how she was going to vote on Proposition 8. Plenty of celebrities have put forth millions of dollars for voting against Prop8. Now that the Proposition has passed there are rallies and protest in front of Mormon Temples. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints did NOT donate a large amount of money to voting Yes on 8, other people did. Members and Nonmembers alike donated their own money. Why target the LDS church?
The voting has finished the country has a new president and Californians have spoken and voted Yes on Proposition 8. After McCain learned that Obama had won the Presidential race, McCain responded with this speech. Showing his maturity, and this can be found in the 4 paragraph of the previous link, "At the mention of Obama's name, McCain's supporters booed and hissed, but he quickly silenced them, and after a pause, he spoke of Obama's ability to inspire disenfranchised voters and touted this election's special place in history." I really loved that about him. What good was it going to do to boo the new Presidents name, at McCain's party?? It's like booing at a football game. One team has to lose. Big an adult and congratulate them for their hard work, don't boo them because You lost. I loved how McCain said Obama is THE new President of the USA. We must respect him and follow him as Americans. We may not always agree but he was chosen as our leader. As citizens of this country it is our duty. It is the same in the church when someone receives a calling, you raise your hand to the square to sustain them and promise to support them. You might not like them as a person, but they are there to do a job not win the best friend award.

So, my main point is even though you might not like the new laws or President its going to be that way for a while. The votes are in, ACCEPT them!!!
If that doesn't fit your cup of tea, then maybe this will.
We live in AMERICA, the greatest land on earth. You are welcome to leave if you do not like it here. No one id forcing you to stay! There are hundreds, if not thousands of people dying (literally) to touch AMERICAN soil. They would gladly accept a chance to be free and live for the AMERICAN dream. Count yourself lucky, you are already here.
A quote from Thomas Jefferson that I love:
My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!