Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Const. Mgmt. Major

Have I mentioned how much I love my major? I can't see myself doing anything else and being at least half as happy. I don't know if I want to create my own business and have to deal with all the legal stuff (my contractors license class is FREAKING me out), or if I want to be a Project Manager(kinda what I was doing at Classic) and not have all the added stress as an owner. I don't know all I do know is I really enjoy going to class, maybe its because I am one of the only girls and get a little special treatment. By treatment I mean a little more respect, kindness, and well I get more attention. I have not ever been one for attention, but it I have a question, I can easily raise my hand and the teacher runs over and gently explains it. If I make a comment I know it has to sound educated because all eyes are on me( I kinda stick out). I love this, it makes me realize that I have to know my stuff forwards and backwards. I also enjoy the friendships with the guys. Most are married and I kinda enjoy that. There's not the 'don't say anything dumb' or 'always look your best' thoughts going through my mind. I can actually talk to these guys. Some think I am in there to find a guy.
NOTE: never get serious w/ a construction guy- they can EASILY get SERIOUSLY hurt (more than most careers).
But back to the guys that are my friends. I am a little shy, to say the least, and these guys know I am the odd man out, so they are really sweet and come talk to me. Last night I was talking to Gerrick Andrews, a former missionary that served in my home ward, just catching up and another one of my friends came up and interrupted(not like we were in a formal conversation, so it was ok) and started chatting. There was another guy who is also in some of my other classes who came and sat next to me during class. I really enjoy the camaraderie with these guys. There are other guys that i have been in classes with in the past 3 years that I haven't seen since I first started but the recognize me in the halls and stop to chat, or we are in a class again and ask me to be in their group projects. I guess I just love feeling included. I also get the dating question a lot. Some professors will flat out ask and others ask around or beat around the bush, same with some of the married guys, and they all wonder why I'm not dating. Its funny to see this interest them so much. When you think of construction guys, you don't really think of them as being softies. All in all I am thankful for the way my life has been thrown unexpected trials so that I would have the opportunity to find something I truly love doing with my life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Draper Temple

This past weekend I went with Kelly and her family to the Draper Temple open house. At the end of the tour you went into the Sealing Room and a couple explained what the Sealing Room was. After they finished we were welcomed to stand up and gaze into the mirrors(there are 2 mirrors across from each other. When you look into these mirrors you go on for ever, this is to symbolize eternity. As Kelly, her husband and their four boys stood as a family looking into the mirrors, Kelly and Jared explained how they are a family and just like the image in the mirror their family will last for eternity. I chose not to look into the mirror, well mainly because I didn't want to see just me alone for eternity! I know I have a family and we are sealed. I had made it to the end and hadn't cried and I wasn't about to start. I know I live in a fairy tale state of mind, and its my own fault, but when I entered the Sealing room and the Celestial Room, I knew this is where my 'happily ever after' would begin. At the temple and over the past few weeks in my ward the focus has been on temples and how they are the House of the Lord.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not what I want to hear

There is a book, and soon to be movie. Diane has told me several times to read it and my excuse is, I know whats in there I just don't want to see it all spelled out and in black and white. But then there's one of my favorite quotes: I'm 99% sure he doesn't like me, but there's that 1% that keeps me going. I know I NEED to read the book. Cindy and I saw a preview for the movie coming out on the 6th of February, and told each other we HAVE to go and also bring along a pint of our favorite ice cream and a bag of chocolate. We also said that we want to do a double feature so we will go see Hes just not that into you followed by Confessions of a Shopaholic. Below is the preview for He's Just Not That Into You.
My question is why do we feel the need to tell our friends that he is interested? Is it because we don't want to sit through the whining of why doesn't he like me? or that we hope he is so we tell them to keep pushing forward, give him more time, boys are slow? why do we give each other false hopes? Do we not want to be the bad guy or risk hurting our friends? I guess its the same as not telling someone they have a piece of food in their teeth for the fear of embarrassing them so you jest let it go and the find it later and wonder why no one told them and what people think of them now. When all that drama could have been avoided if someone had just pulled them aside and said you've got a little somthin' there.
HJNTIY trailer because the video wouldn't fit in the white space.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Everyone makes them then breaks them. I am better with short term goals that once finished I then make a new goal date, and so on. So here's my list, some are serious, some are for fun to see if I can do it. Each having a different goal date.

-Give up the sauce- Mt. Dew, my greatest stress reliever, or boost of energy. - Fat Tuesday.
-Get back down to Fall '05 weight. - there's a pair of jeans that I fit in for about a week and they are really cute and I want to wear them again. -taking pilates and aerobics classes - May
-Quit eating fast food- Fat Tuesday
-Graduate- Summer/Fall
-Wear something different each Sunday for a year. - see how well I can mix and match. - Dec.
-Smile more, don't take everything so seriously.
-Be bold.
-Learn to play the piano again.- Summer

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day

Ok, so the holidays have me sleeping really weird hours and its killing me. I woke up yesterday morning(10) checked my email and Kelly had sent out an email asking who wanted to go shopping. I quickly replied ok, I mean that beats cleaning or studying math. Manda met up with us and as we made our way throughout most of the store without any major deals we met up with one of Kelly's friends Brittany. Once we finished shopping we decided to get lunch. Instead of going to the food court we went to Olive Garden. I think I laughed threw the entire meal. So as we were getting ready to leave I wrote my number on the receipt, the waiter was tall, blonde, and lanky, so why not. I am not one to be forward or anything but its just something I randomly do, kinda like building courage, baby steps. I feel safe doing this because they never call back, but it gets me out of my comfort zone, plus we were in Sandy so nothing would ever come of it. Well as we left we saw that Pier1 was having a sale so we stopped in. Umm, marking it up just to mark down doesn't mean its a sale!!! Then all the sudden my phone rang. I answered and quickly distanced myself from Manda and Kelly, they like to make awkward situations and I embarrass easily. Plus, I also have a phone voice which if you can believe, is an octave above my original tone, think a 13yr old squeaky girls voice. It was the waiter from OG. Umm, you are not supposed to call!!! so we talked for a bit and then he said he needed to get back to work and he would call me back. So we left Pier1 and Brittney said she wanted to hook me up with her brother in law (Lib I guess people are going to make '09 my year, haha)he called and we are going out tonight. Kelly and I dropped Manda back off at her car and we started back to Lehi(Kelly's house). As we were getting off the exit I got another call. It was Him. We started talking and he fed me the line, oh your pretty... crap, and then was like well I wanted to let you know up front but I am married. I silently thought, MARRIED?? why are you calling me then??, I didn't see a ring, did anyone look for one? I am usually a Jedi master at spotting those. He then followed up with well my relationship is going through ups and downs and this was the the shock of the day..... He said, So with that said, How do you feel about pursuing something?? umm, are you serious?? I then replied, well I wouldn't want someone to do that to me behind my back, so no, I don't want to pursue anything. And thus ended the conversation. Dude, if you are married and someone leaves their number you take it as a complement and throw it away! You don't act on it. And you DEFIANTLY don't call back that quickly. So I have learned my lesson. But all in all it was one of the funniest days. On another but related note when we all go shopping we seem to get goofier that usual and make fun of the clothing. Here is a pic of something Manda found. It is reversible!!!