Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's like the end of an era

Well we knew it would come one day, but my roommate of 2 1/2 years is moving. She is moving to Pleasant Grove. We met about a month after I moved back to Utah County, Oct 11, 2005 to be exact. We have had some great memories. I know what you're thinking it's Pleasant Grove, UT. Well theres something about Provo, you can have friends from back home who you saw everyday and drove 30-45 minutes to see but you have yet to see them here in Provo in years. They probably live 10 minutes away and yet its like they are back home. So it is kinda like she is moving far far away. Here are a few videos I thought of...

"Hardest Part of Breaking Up is Getting Your Stuff Back" by 2gether

This was a parody show (about boy bands) when bands like Nsync and Backstreet Boys were the biggest things.

It kind of is an end of an era.

I think one of my favorite memories would have to be the night we went to Fudruckers. We were siting in a booth and Diane wanted out to get more soda. I just leaned forward and she crawed out behind me and I think fell on the floor. It drew a lot of attention, maybe it was the loudness of the laughter. One more favorite, theres so many, but one night we were leaving a friends house, one that she had a crush on, and it wasnt working out to well and so we were walking/talking/analizing the previous conversations down the sidewalk and I just fell. No crack in the sidewalk, no bumps, nothing, I just fell flat on my face. Well, it brought a smile to her face and for a moment she forgot about that guy and we talked about the fall the whole ride home.


brossettelewis said...

Sorry you're taking it so hard.

Kelly said...

dude! she didn't die! you can visit her when you come up to my house.