Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jump on it

My friend Amanda Nelson is visiting from Arkansas for the next two weeks. She was planning to California but those plans fell threw. We have been eating at her favorite places, to the pool, and going to all those places that she remembers before moving back to AR. Last night we went to Jump on it, the same place of Cameron's birthday.

These signs are all over the place so we had to take a picture with it.

Along with wall to wall tramps there are also coin operated machines.

Cindy and I thought it was funny. I am not a big fan of t-shirts, I feel like I look like a guy. But this shirt was bought on a vacation with Amanda in Las Vegas. But back to it being funny. Cindy's shirt is about being a great example of honoring the honor code at BYU and I am in a Hooters t-shirt.

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