Friday, August 15, 2008

Me Firster Land

I don't know if I have had blinders on, but as of recently I have notice a infestation of 'me firsters' in Utah county. A 'me firster' is pretty self explanatory but it is a person who puts themselves before everyone else. I don't know if it was the way I was raised or simply southern hospitality but manners are a thing of the past. A few examples from the past week: My friend Amanda and I were returning some items she had purchased at WalMart, because the airport finally found her luggage. We were standing in the Customer Service area, giving the person in front of us room to breathe and all the sudden this lady comes in and steps right in front of us. I don't know maybe she was blind. but then as the line moves forward she looks back and says are you in line? we said yes we are and she just turned around like oh well. I guess she skipped kindergarten to third grade, Or was just sick the years they teach you how to stand in a line and wait your turn. Last night we went to the Brian Regan concert-amazing, and parking wasn't all that bad you just had to wait. Some people, I don't know maybe they were the president or VIP, but they left the line and went into the center lane sped up and then got back in line. At the concert we found our spot and then this young married couple came and sat by us. The guy quickly unfolded his chair and sat down. His wife who might have been pregnant (its UT county, you have a ring on you're probably pg) was standing there struggling to get her chair open. She finally got it open and sat down. Ten minutes later they saw some friends, he went down to meet them and then called his wife on her phone to pack everything back up and bring it down. UGH western guys, what happened to gentlemen??? I was taught you don't invite yourself, you always offer food or something when you have visitors, you always give your seat up for girls and the elderly or injured. Guys always stopped to ask if you needed help caring that box or the cute little ladies in line at the grocery store that would talk to you or people noticing that you only have a few items and would let you cut them in the checkout line because they had a buggy full, well not in Utah. I've come to the conclusion that Utah and all other western states (due to friends from there) are 'Me Firster' states.

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Moffitt Mania said...

Don't ever visit NYC, you would hate it. Some guy spit on our car yesterday cause he wanted to cross the street even though we had a green light!