Thursday, June 5, 2008

Almost There

So, I am like 3 semester away from being a college graduate. I can't believe it. If someone would have told me 6 years ago when I moved to Utah, that I wouldn't reach goals that I set for myself but that I would accomplish things I never thought of I would have told them they were crazy. Yes I know I will graduate college after 7 years after graduating High School; but let me explain: Moved out to UT -Sum/02
Worked for a year (deciding on what to major in) -Sum/03
Dated a guy - took 9 credits just to get my feet wet -Fall/04
Dated another guy- threw everything to the wind -Sum/05
Worked for a year- getting life back on track -Fall/05
Started School -Sum/06
Stressful Job, Parade of Homes, and Libby's pg w/ Miles and James (i know really didn't affect me but kept keys handy for emergencies) -Sum/07
School -Fall/Winter 08
I keep hearing the line from Tommy Boy:
Tommy: Did you hear I finally graduated?
Richard Hayden: Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too, all right.
Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard Hayden: I know, they're called doctors.
I'm in no way going to be a doctor, but like Tommy I feel graduating, no matter how long it takes or how many speed bumps get in the way, the fact that you graduated is what really matters. So I am driven to succeed. It's getting to the point where the last semesters are planned out for me. An example of this is I have to take accounting but can't until I fulfill my math requirement. So this forces me to take math this coming fall. I have not taken math much less thought about it since I was a junior in High School. I have used math in the past 6 years but not to the extent of diving into something new everyday. I was able to find a practice test to study before I go and take the placement tests. I opened it for a second and randomly selected a problem or two, to see if I could do anything, trying to find a starting point, and I did it. I checked my answer and I got it right. I guess somethings really do stick. I have yet to actually sit down and dive into that practice test but in the next week or two after Parade of Homes its back to the grind.
I do watch crappy TV late at night. It is usually Friends, Sex and the City or Will and Grace, its my flip to when nothings on or what I am watching has gone to commercial. Last night I was watching Will and Grace and there was the scene of Grace and Will talking in their apartment...
Grace: who is it?
*more knocking*
Grace: *louder* who is it?
*more knocking*
*Grace opens door*
Karen: honey, i don't yell

My bosses office is next to mine, separated by a wall, but easily heard threw. Today right as he was hanging up the phone I yelled asking him a question and I remembered what Karen said. I quickly got up and went to his office and asked my question. I also told him about the Will and Grace quote and he just started laughing and told me to remember where I work. Its okay to yell, it's a loud place. As I thought about what he said I remember something my mom would always ask us- 'were you raised in a barn?' I guess my manners have slipped and I need to put working on those back on the to do list.

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