Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Courage in Rainbow Bottoms

This summer my roommate Cindy and I bought a Seven Peaks Water Park Season Pass. They had a special for students. I had never been and figured buying a pass was the same as going twice so why not. We have enjoyed our after work and Saturday visits. She is a teacher and makes me want to change my major to teaching just so I can have the summers off to swim. I know dumb reason esp. since I am so far along. One joy of going to the pool is that we get to see Provo's finest. By no means do we look like Barbies, but I think we realize this and dress accordingly. Plus we are Judgers. We have gotten to the point of all we have to do is say the other persons name and maybe a direction and then we both start laughing or smile or wonder what their thought process was. We justify ourselves in the probability that there are other people saying the same stuff about us. We were able to get a photo of this guy. This guy must have very high self-esteem to say the least. It was difficult to get a picture, 1. we didn't bring a camera (a little too obvious) 2. it was the camera on my phone, and 3. people are constantly moving. But thankfully Cindy got the job done. ENJOY....hopefully as much as we did. If you can't see it click on the picture and look dead center.


laura said...

ABBY!!!! Yeah,I'm so glad you have one of these, too! Now we can keep up with each other. I love your Roadhouse pics. They remind me of old times. Miss ya! Hey-I hear you wear a hard-hat to work. That doesn't sound like the Abby I know! What's goin on up there?

Kelly said...

Dude! Get a zoom lense on that phone! I can hardly see what I'm laughing at!

written by : your fully clothed sister that doesn't go near swimming pools

brossettelewis said...