Monday, June 23, 2008

Small and Simple things

This weekend was full of small and simple things. It made me realize to take a step back, quit riding the guys bumper in front of me and look for the small things that really do make life worth it.
This week at church was great. The General Presidency of the church sent out a letter, that was read last week, stating that in Sacrament Meeting they would prefer for those speaking to the congregation to not ask them to look up scriptures, or turn to such and such page. This week during the talks I was paying close attention to see if someone forgot. No one did, but the point is that without the noise of the pages of the scriptures being flipped, you could really hear the speaker and the spirit confirming what was said. One Friday, Diane and I rented a movie. It was one of those movies that's only great when there is not thinking involved, and it is really late at night. At the end of the movie, well the last line of the movie was ' Scatter,....It's like the Titanic, but with bears.' The scene was that a bear had gotten lose in a basketball arena. Maybe you just had to be there. Saturday, while I was at the pool, multitasking, not just laying out but reviewing math for the placement test I have to take before August. I got a call from Diane. She had locked herself out of her car. I almost didn't answer the phone b/c I did not recognize the number (her phone was in the car also). After picking her up we explored the options so that she could get her car back. Her parents had sent her a spare in the mail a few days before so we checked the mail and by some miracle, it was in the mailbox.
When we went back to the pool, we met up with a couple of old friends, and can I say it is great to hear that you are missed.

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