Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parade of Homes

This week and last week have been the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I have gone to 22 of the 28 and I am hoping to finish this weekend before Manda's Special Day (birthday). Some of theses are from the St. George Parade of Homes that were done in February. I like several different styles and I want to incorporate them in to my future house, so I take pictures of ideas that I like. It is also nice to see what they have out there and the endless possibilities there are. I will post more after I visit the other homes, including the one I designed!!!!
love the idea of the sink, not a fan of the faucet. (St. George)
This was the view from the living room. from the white concrete floors, to the drop off pool to the view of the mountains. This house seemed cold, and very modern. I like the view but not at the cost of glass walls and no carpet or wood. (St. George)
This was the master bathroom. All glass and mirrors. I loved how clean it was but the downfall was- a lack of privacy and water residue and fingerprints- a mess to clean up; But great idea. (Utah County)
Oh, how I want this house. All it needs is a huge tree with a swing, and a picket fence. (UC)
Rock wall with a pit, great idea, the other part of the basement was a basketball court decked out in BYU. (UC)
Simply, I LOVE this house, not in the parade but next door to a house that was. (UC)
Chandelier (St. George)
This style is very popular in the parade this year. They have it at different levels, but it seems to be in every home. (UC)
Pirate ship bed. (UC)
The little details. I think this would also be great if they did the family monogram. (UC)
Again same room, not really noticeable but great details.


brossettelewis said...

more parade picts...for those of us who, um shouldn't go.

Kelly said...

Yeah, More pics! Where's the Batman room? And wouldn't the candle chandelier leave balck residue on the ceiling?