Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Branching Out

Last night for FHE we had Ward FHE. We played Olympic games. Well that's what the title of FHE was. We had a relay race, which I had to carry a egg on a plastic spoon for a distance. There was a watermelon eating contest, tire toss, tug of war, and other games. There was also a dessert contest. Sounds fun right?? well it was, but I had to go by myself. Most of you would be okay with that but for my it was a big deal. I can do somethings on my own but when I don't really know anyone it is incredibly difficult. My roommates were not there, Diane was practicing in the garage with her band, and Cindy is in PA with her family. So I talked myself into it all day. At the moment of truth I grabbed my dessert and ran out the door before I could think to turn back. Once I got there I place my dessert on the table and started to freak. I didn't know anyone. But then a few people that are in my FHE group came over. It was difficult throughout the night meeting people, and standing alone at times. But I did it, and I had a pretty good time. Oh, and I won 1st prize on the dessert contest. I made Caramel Apple Pecan Cheesecake. Everyone asked if I had bought it, and when I said I had made it from scratch people were amazed. I loved it.

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