Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confusion and Triumphs

This weekend was uneventfully eventful. I bought a bbq grill. I have missed homemade burgers, grilled chicken, and have found several new recipies that I want to try. Walmart had a sale on grills and I found a great deal. Now by no means is it an amazing grill but it is all I need. It is like a 'my first Barbie doll.' Its a beginners grill. I had a few clearifying questions on how to exactly grill, so I called my dad. He is a master griller and why not learn from a master? I was right on, on how to get the grill going. There was a scary moment after I poured the lighter fluid on the coals and lit the grill. I think I put TOO much lighter fluid on. I quickly ran to the kitchen and filled 2 large cups with water, just in case. Well I didn't have to use them but the railings on the balcony are a little brown. I hope a magic eraser will whiten them up. I made regular grilled chicken and it was great. I was proud of myself because again I did something I never thought I would ever do. No, not grilling but assembling the grill. It came in a box and I had to put it together. I will post pics after lunch, got to get them off the camera.

I do have a question for all though; all my life I have been told to stand up for myself, to quit letting people walk all over me or take advantage of me. I hate to cause a rift, so I let a lot of things go. Yesturday I couldn't take it any longer and expressed my feelings. And now I have become the bad guy. I stood up and put my foot down and drew the line. Now I am being ignored as if I am a horrible person. I just don't understand.
Another question: Sunday afternoon I recieved a text from a guy that I went on A date with. The date lasted 17 hours. Did I mention this was a FIRST BLIND date? Yeah. So he started to text me Sunday asking if I remembered who he was. My question is How do I attract all the creepies? I know I've said I'll date anything that breathes, but it was said in a joking manner.

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