Monday, June 16, 2008

Manda's Special Day @ Texas Roadhouse

So for Manda's Special Day we went to Texas Roadhouse. We dressed up as cowgirls. After dinner we went to walmart, Manda needed shelves and after walking all over the Sandy (south town mall area) Walmart we ended up buying Formula for Sam, b/c it was on sale. So there we were in the express checkout dressed as 4 cowgirls buying 2 cans of formula. OH and another funny story of the night was pretty much everywhere we looked people were picking wedgies. One very obvious one was at the Walmart. Picture this is you will.... All of us in a horizontal line across the main front walkway of walmart- the walkway between the registers and the clothing- and right in front of us is a lady and she was going to town picking her wedgie. Now this was after dinner and many jokes so we were already laughing. We tried to stop but jsut couldn't help it. Overall this was a great party. Here are a few pictures from the night.

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Kelly said...

Your sisters are freaks!