Friday, September 26, 2008

You would think it was common knowledge

I have found recently that people do not know anything about where they live. Have they stopped teaching geography in schools?? This past weekend at ward prayer, I was taking to a group of friends and one asked me where I was from and before I could answer another friend answered another southern state. I quickly replied NO, and so he started to guess. I told him it was the state shaped like a boot. He finally got it right. And then today I was playing on Facebook and came across this:

forgive my ignorance of geography, but is Barcelona ANYWHERE near Brazil??? ...Barcelona is in Spain, and Brazil is in... south america?? I just don't know how close Spain and South America are... lol.

Ummm those are two really well known countries! I could understand if it was some small remote country near Russia. Maybe I was just blessed with the knowledge of geography. Now I am not saying I am a master but I am better than most.
On an episode of Friends, which I will include below they take a 6 minute test to see if they can name all the states in America. I did this my self and came out with 49 of 50. I forgot Ohio. But can you name all the Capitals??


Here are a few vidieos I found. One is from a Miss Teen USA 2007 contest and the other 2 are from Animaniacs, a cartoon, naming all the countries in the world and the USA states and capitals. I also found this and it was pretty fun.


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