Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Const. Mgmt. Major

Have I mentioned how much I love my major? I can't see myself doing anything else and being at least half as happy. I don't know if I want to create my own business and have to deal with all the legal stuff (my contractors license class is FREAKING me out), or if I want to be a Project Manager(kinda what I was doing at Classic) and not have all the added stress as an owner. I don't know all I do know is I really enjoy going to class, maybe its because I am one of the only girls and get a little special treatment. By treatment I mean a little more respect, kindness, and well I get more attention. I have not ever been one for attention, but it I have a question, I can easily raise my hand and the teacher runs over and gently explains it. If I make a comment I know it has to sound educated because all eyes are on me( I kinda stick out). I love this, it makes me realize that I have to know my stuff forwards and backwards. I also enjoy the friendships with the guys. Most are married and I kinda enjoy that. There's not the 'don't say anything dumb' or 'always look your best' thoughts going through my mind. I can actually talk to these guys. Some think I am in there to find a guy.
NOTE: never get serious w/ a construction guy- they can EASILY get SERIOUSLY hurt (more than most careers).
But back to the guys that are my friends. I am a little shy, to say the least, and these guys know I am the odd man out, so they are really sweet and come talk to me. Last night I was talking to Gerrick Andrews, a former missionary that served in my home ward, just catching up and another one of my friends came up and interrupted(not like we were in a formal conversation, so it was ok) and started chatting. There was another guy who is also in some of my other classes who came and sat next to me during class. I really enjoy the camaraderie with these guys. There are other guys that i have been in classes with in the past 3 years that I haven't seen since I first started but the recognize me in the halls and stop to chat, or we are in a class again and ask me to be in their group projects. I guess I just love feeling included. I also get the dating question a lot. Some professors will flat out ask and others ask around or beat around the bush, same with some of the married guys, and they all wonder why I'm not dating. Its funny to see this interest them so much. When you think of construction guys, you don't really think of them as being softies. All in all I am thankful for the way my life has been thrown unexpected trials so that I would have the opportunity to find something I truly love doing with my life.

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