Friday, January 16, 2009

Not what I want to hear

There is a book, and soon to be movie. Diane has told me several times to read it and my excuse is, I know whats in there I just don't want to see it all spelled out and in black and white. But then there's one of my favorite quotes: I'm 99% sure he doesn't like me, but there's that 1% that keeps me going. I know I NEED to read the book. Cindy and I saw a preview for the movie coming out on the 6th of February, and told each other we HAVE to go and also bring along a pint of our favorite ice cream and a bag of chocolate. We also said that we want to do a double feature so we will go see Hes just not that into you followed by Confessions of a Shopaholic. Below is the preview for He's Just Not That Into You.
My question is why do we feel the need to tell our friends that he is interested? Is it because we don't want to sit through the whining of why doesn't he like me? or that we hope he is so we tell them to keep pushing forward, give him more time, boys are slow? why do we give each other false hopes? Do we not want to be the bad guy or risk hurting our friends? I guess its the same as not telling someone they have a piece of food in their teeth for the fear of embarrassing them so you jest let it go and the find it later and wonder why no one told them and what people think of them now. When all that drama could have been avoided if someone had just pulled them aside and said you've got a little somthin' there.
HJNTIY trailer because the video wouldn't fit in the white space.


Kelly said...

I think it looks like a funny show - maybe we do need to work on honesty, but how many of us are 100% honest with ourselves? I think if we were, we'd be able to figure out a lot without anyone having to tell us!

DiaNe said...

You are going to LOVE this movie and (if you read it) the book. I've tried to convince you a million times...the book really does lift you up. I'm with you on the ice cream, though.