Monday, January 26, 2009

Draper Temple

This past weekend I went with Kelly and her family to the Draper Temple open house. At the end of the tour you went into the Sealing Room and a couple explained what the Sealing Room was. After they finished we were welcomed to stand up and gaze into the mirrors(there are 2 mirrors across from each other. When you look into these mirrors you go on for ever, this is to symbolize eternity. As Kelly, her husband and their four boys stood as a family looking into the mirrors, Kelly and Jared explained how they are a family and just like the image in the mirror their family will last for eternity. I chose not to look into the mirror, well mainly because I didn't want to see just me alone for eternity! I know I have a family and we are sealed. I had made it to the end and hadn't cried and I wasn't about to start. I know I live in a fairy tale state of mind, and its my own fault, but when I entered the Sealing room and the Celestial Room, I knew this is where my 'happily ever after' would begin. At the temple and over the past few weeks in my ward the focus has been on temples and how they are the House of the Lord.

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