Monday, January 5, 2009


Everyone makes them then breaks them. I am better with short term goals that once finished I then make a new goal date, and so on. So here's my list, some are serious, some are for fun to see if I can do it. Each having a different goal date.

-Give up the sauce- Mt. Dew, my greatest stress reliever, or boost of energy. - Fat Tuesday.
-Get back down to Fall '05 weight. - there's a pair of jeans that I fit in for about a week and they are really cute and I want to wear them again. -taking pilates and aerobics classes - May
-Quit eating fast food- Fat Tuesday
-Graduate- Summer/Fall
-Wear something different each Sunday for a year. - see how well I can mix and match. - Dec.
-Smile more, don't take everything so seriously.
-Be bold.
-Learn to play the piano again.- Summer


DiaNe said...

I LOVE the resolution about Sunday clothes. Keep me posted on your success. WEAR THE RED SHINY SKIRT!

brossettelewis said...

I have another, since 09 is your year. Get a husband or (es-pensive and non throw-backable) ring before 2010.

2009, Year of the Abby!

Kelly said...

can we create a mythical creature to be the symbol for Year of the Abby?

"be bold" call the saturday guy and ask him out!

brossettelewis said...

Kelly, I'm already working on a widget that links to her "dating resume". It's hott.

Allison Murray said...

you are ambitious!