Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend / Black Friday/ Special Day

This thanksgiving after being invited to several different Thanksgivings (either I am the only single person people know or I am REALLY popular) I decided on my sister Manda's wicked sick Thanksgiving Extravaganza. After leaving work, on Wednesday, I headed up to Woods Cross. I could tell it was going to be great because I didn't hit any traffic or slowing on the interstate which is a Miracle because it was the night before a holiday, and it was 5 o'clock traffic. That night we went and saw 'Breakfast Club' at Brewvies in Salt Lake. This place was pretty awesome. The movie was FREE and the had pool tables and you could order food that was worth what you paid and really good. They also had drinking games which proved to be worth it when at the end of the movie the DVD began to skip and all the drunken people were ready to riot. good times. Thanksgiving morning we watched the Parade while Alex started on the turkey, it was AMAZING. When the parade was over nothing was allowed accept Football. As the turkey drew near to being done Manda and I started on our parts. It was not the traditional thanksgiving meal. Manda made chili! Alex and I stayed closer to the usual, we had mashed potato's, carrots, and green bean casserole. Funny story.... Last year I went with Libby and her family over to the Lewis' and I was in charge of the green bean casserole. As I was making it I thought to myself I can make harder things than just this. When we got to the Lewis' Rich's mom asked why there was so little and I told her I thought the same thing. I had forgotten to add the milk. So back to a few days ago. I had gone to the store to get all the stuff and carefully read the recipe, so I could redeem myself. I ran in the store trying not to push people for being slow and in my way. As I went down the soup isle (you need cream of mushroom) I saw it and grabbed it. Fast-forward to Manda's Tksgving Day, I pull everything out of the bag and notice I bought cream of CHICKEN !!!! I made it anyhow but forgot to drain the green beans. It cooked for over an hour and was still watery. Even though I love the stuff I think I'll give up and let someone else make it next year. That night Manda went to bed at 8pm. I never could fall asleep, I think it was all the Mt Dew and excitement. Check Manda's blog for events of that day. Then Saturday we celebrated my Special Day. We celebrated early because I have class Tuesday night and Manda has class Wednesday night and its too close to finals to skip. We went to Cheesecake Factory and between the 4 of us forgot the camera so I have included a few pics taken from my phone. After CF we went to Pottery Barn. Manda and Kelly also bought some knock off crocs that we were forced to wear. Libby LOVED them. Theirs were just pink and mine had white stars. We did get a few complements. Overall it was a great special day/ Thanksgiving Day weekend.

This picture has a funny story. Amanda and Alex found a box of sheep ornaments at DI last year and so this year after dinner Manda pulled out the tree and put it together. After she went to bed that night and Alex and I were watching TV, the light bulb in my head turned on. I asked Alex if he had a lion. He said the tiger was the closest thing he had. So if you haven't guessed it yet....its Lambert the Sheepish Lion. LtheSL is an old Disney movie that can be found on the Fox and the Hound DVD. It has a great catchy tune. Here's the video if you want to watch it. Its only about 7-8 minutes long.

The amazing shoes Kelly and Manda got us.

This is cheesecake from dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

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