Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rants and Raves

Last night I had nothing going on so I went to the Festival of Trees (see previous post for link). At first I thought what loser goes to a family/ Christmas festival by themselves. I was a little scared and hoped I didn't see anyone I knew. But I went, and I was okay. I was able to go at my own pace, take pictures when I wanted and not have to worry about staying together. Not that those things are bad but I was on a time limit. It was also opening night, so I was expect a little bit more than a few people, but I think it was bring everyone you know night. Not to be negative but I think etiquette needs to be taught in school because people sure aren't learning it at home!! here are a few basic guidelines:
1. if you are a group(2 or more) walking and someone(1) is walking towards you it is polite to let them have the inside instead of making the 1 person swing out around your group
2. if someone is taking a picture and you see this happening do not walk in front of them and then turn and with a goofy look on your face say 'oops' and laugh.
3. if you are in a group(3 or more) and need to stop (see old friends) and are catching up move to the back wall out of the way do not stand in the middle of the isle or in front of the displays.
4. if you notice someone is behind you and you are just lolly gaging let them pass you.
5. just because you are the coolest thing at your high/middle school does not make it okay for you to be rude.

The trees were amazing. It smelled like Christmas. It was WONDERFUL.

When I finished looking at over 800+ trees in just over an hour, I raced back home to get ready to go to tithing settlement. The Bishop had made it easy on us and instead of having us drive up to campus he asked one of the ward members if we could meet in their basement. As I was checking in and waiting for my turn I over heard a conversation that made me worry for the future. The self imposed popular group (too cool for you people), who were over the checking in process, were talking about why one of them was dressed up, he simply replied, it's tithing settlement and I am doing my calling. The other two then asked each other and somehow it turned into the girl asking the other guy why he wasn't dating. She mentioned why not date someone in the ward, and his reply was, "well there aren't any girls that are pretty enough for me to date in the ward." I bit my lip and then was told it was my turn. Oh I wanted to, I don't know but I wanted to do something. There are plenty of pretty girls in the ward, and he wasn't all that hot to trot anyhow. Where does he get the idea that he deserves the prettiest thing out there? Great if he does find her but give that 10-15 years, a few kids, sleepless nights, being spit up on, shes going to lose that luster and shes not going to look like that 20 something year old you married, then what? you snatched her up because she was beautiful, but does she have a brain, can she cook, can she be a mother, does she do household chores, can she keep up with your 'superior intellect'??? Or is she just a trophy?? I guess whatever floats your boat! But with the way girls put all the pressure on their physical appearance now whats it going to be like when my nieces are in college? Will they ever be good enough? Will it matter that they are the funniest, craziest, fun-loving girls out there? Does having a brain, being domestic, willingness to work hard, selflessness(caring more about your kids and their happiness over your looks) matter? Who teaches these guys that they are better and only deserve the prettiest, most beautiful girls??? Yes, I understand attractiveness is important, but doesn't a person become more attractive once you get to know them? I am not saying I am better than anyone, because I look at the outward appearance but I know there should be more than that, and why would you want to be with someone who has an ego like that, who cares more about what they look like than spending time with you??

On a lighter note here are a few pics from the Festival! for more pics (98 total) check here.


Kelly said...

"Last night I had nothing going on so I went to the Festival of Trees"

I really am surprised that they let you in with nothing on! Weren't you cold?

About the guy, he sounds too hoity-toity to even worry about what he thinks! His remarks just go to show why he's still SINGLE!!

brossettelewis said...

That boys sounds like a real wiener! I hope he dies!

Cool trees! I want that b&w one.