Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Cindy and I were home one night last week and I was having a hard time relaxing. Its just hard from running in circles one minute to having to lay perfectly still the next second. So we jump in the car and went to Festival of Lights. Here I discovered being a photographer is not in my list of talents. Sunday we decorated gingerbread houses. Manda and Alex won and received the amazing wreath trophy. Last night Diane and I were invited to a Christmas concert in SLC. It was in a Catholic church. This was my maybe 3rd time going in to a church that wasn't a LDS church. I had only been in my Uncle Randy's church and my Grandparents churches. I had never been in a church that was so colorful and decorated. As you looked toward the front of the chapel there was a great mural of the Savior on the cross suffering. This took me by surprise. It was huge and very depressing. It made me thankful for bright white lack of decoration, we are here to learn churches. I know we need to remember the atonement and all that the Savior did for us, including the suffering, but I didn't feel all that happy anymore. Instead of seeing the Savior with open hands welcoming us back into the fold I saw a 'look at what I am suffering because of you' feeling. I was distracted the whole night looking at all the decoration and designs. The concert was great, they sang more songs that I didn't know but it was great. After we left we headed down the street behind the Church and as we went over the hill we saw the spires of the SLC temple. What a beautiful sight. Here are some pics from the events.

The Winners

Gracie trying to work off that extra energy from all the candy.

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