Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traditions- Thanksgiving

Growing up the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a big deal. We had these candy canes, we watched the parade in our pjs while mom was cooking away for dinner. We would always try and 'sneak' in the kitchen and grab something to eat. There was always a plate of fudge or any holiday treat you could think of. I also think there was a bowl of Party Mix, dad's favorite. Usually during some point of the parade Dad and one of us would usually make a run to the grocery store if one was open or the nearest Circle K to get whatever had been forgotten or if we needed more ice. My dad always made sure we were back in time to see Santa at the end of the Parade. After the parade we would all get ready for the day and head over to Grandma Brossette's house. There was more food there than can be imagined. I remember the kids ate in the living room while the grown ups ate in the kitchen. I also remember Grandma NEVER sat down, she was always serving others. She was the last to eat and her meal was always cold. I think she, like dad and me just couldn't sit still. She always made chocolate pie and stuffing. She always had a regular and a sugar-free chocolate pie, so Grandpa could have a slice too. It was the traditional Thanksgiving with the turkey, the cranberry sauce that was dumped out of a can and place on a plate that never got eaten, the green bean casserole and the rolls.
One of my favorite balloons Super Grover

Here are some Fun Facts about the Parade.
also this is one of my favorite pics:


Manda said...

remember food fights in the living room when the sliding door was closed?? I bet when she moved there was a bunch of rock hard turkey back there.... unless bobo ate it.

DiaNe said...

enjoy your candy canes tomorrow! And I think everyone buys cranberries and no one actually eats them. Odd...

Happy Thanksgiving!