Monday, July 14, 2008

politeness is SO out

When did being rude become acceptable? Yes, we all think things about people, and we all vent. We are human. We aren't going to like everything about everyone. My question is, when is it acceptable to tell someone something that is most likely going to hurt their feelings, and you feel okay about telling them? Now I understand telling them to save them from future embarrassment, but there are things that can go without being said. They probably know what is wrong, but they either don't want to believe it or are trying to fix it and don't need you pointing out all their faults. I am not preaching. I am guilty, whether it be riding someones bumper because I think they should be driving at least at the speed limit, or someone saying something that they know is going to hurt you. When I am at the pool, I laugh at what some people do or wear, yes this is wrong, but I would never go up to someone and say, hey, umm, yeah, you really don't need to be wearing that. I think more power to them for having the confidence to wear it. I wish I had that much confidence. How hard is it to answer someones (maybe its not someone you like) question nicely instead of a quick jab? You might not care to talk to them but you can be polite for a few seconds and humor them. I know there are things about me that I would like to change and that are sensitive subjects to me. I don't need you picking and highlighting them. Telling someone what is wrong with them is not going to help remedy the problem its only going to make them fall farther back into the hole, they were trying to dig their way out of. Some things are better left unsaid. I think people have forgotten or never grasped the thought of common courtesy. I know you only say it b/c you love them and want the best for them, but if you love them and want the best for them, then why can't you except them for who they really are instead of the person you wish they were?


Donna said...

Wham! Blast ! KERPOW ! Kelly has already tagged me, but you did it so much better.

DiaNe said... spelled some words wrong. Your spelling is atrocious and if you were more perfect, you wouldn't be making such silly mistakes.