Thursday, June 11, 2009

PoH day 2

Its quite apparent we are in a recession. Last night I was able to go though 10 houses in 3 hours. Yes, they were in the south end of the county, not the most expensive homes. But last time in 6 homes I took 30 odd pics, this time only 22. Tonight I am off to alpine/highland, so here's hoping. I was told some of the rules about homeowners not being able to stay in their homes during the parade are being bent and the homes are not as luxurious as previous years. Also every time I would exit a home (they have vendors in the garages) I would be asked 'so you got to come alone?' ugh yeah. 'wow that must be nice no kids, people slowing you up...' why is it that if you look over 18 in UT county you must be married with kids? I know its trendy but .... anyhow....

Oh I forgot to add this to the previous post, as I was returning from viewing the fist home I realized I had left my keys in my car. My car is psycho and locks the doors immediately after you shut the door- darn automatic locks. So I had to call the police and have them come and let me back in, guess I was just too excited to go and look at homes. Luckily I was in Orem and the po-po come and do it for free.

More pics have been added just click on 'here' from the previous post.

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