Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why is it that people always see you at your worst?

Yesterday was quite the day, it would want to make anyone curl up in a ball and just cry. Let me start from the top. For the past couple of days I have been fighting a cold that i got from my boss. I don't understand how I can live with Cindy(my roommate, and 1st year 2nd grade teacher) who has caught every imaginable sickness, for the past year and never gotten sick, but I work at my new job for 2 weeks or so and I catch a cold. So I wake up not being able to breathe and thinking I should call out and try and get better. The workaholic in me, thanks Dad, made me get up put on a sweatshirt, grab a box of tissues, and walk out the door. I get to work and there's the 'how you doing, are you sick?' No, I just felt like looking like crap today! When people ask me if I'm sick or if I am tired I always think back to the movie Stepmom.
"Isabel: You look tired.

Jackie Harrison: I hate when people say that. It's like a polite way of telling you that

you look like shit. "

I made it to my office, which is always cold, maybe that's where I got sick. My job is pretty lax. I was checking my emails, and signed onto gmail, and msnbc. If I find something that is really funny or related to something we've joked about recently I will email it to Diane, who is usually on google chat. I first found a picture of Wolfman from American Gladiators
I then found a picture of some celebrities that she likes at the Utah Jazz game this past Sunday. So I went to The Salt Lake Tribune to see if I could find more pictures for her when I came across this article. I made the mistake of reading it. The title interested me. But after reading I just felt worse. After work I went home a flopped on the couch. I remembered that I needed to go to the grocery store. I did not want to go to Walmart, which I probably should have gone to. But I thought it would be faster to go to Smiths(less for me to find and 'need' to buy). I got off the couch, with my hair in a messy bun, that had been slept on, my light grey LSU sweatshirt, black snake/gator shinny purse, and brown/gold flip flops (they were downstairs and I didn't want to put my tennis hoes back on). I though who cares, its Wed. night at 6:30, Nobody is going to be there. Well was I wrong I think everyone who stayed for spring/summer semesters were there. I guess I also missed the memo that Wednesday it Hot Single Guys Night at Smiths. I swear every which way I turned my head there was another one. I couldn't hide fast enough, so I just grabbed a few things to get me through the next couple of days and rand to the checkout. I couldn't get out fast enough. As I was jogging for the exit, with a defeated look on my face I ran into an old friend. He only saw that it was me because I was wearing the frumpy LSU sweatshirt. HE was like ugh Abby? My defeated look went to a mortified look, quickly followed by 'I'm fighting a cold.' He introduced me to his wife who was pg. She was the type of pg girls that look like they shoved a soccer ball up their shirt and if they turned their back to you, you would have no idea they were pg. There was the short so how are you, what have you been up to, and its crazy we live in the same city but never hang out conversation. After that I ran to the car and drove home. I walked in the door, put my groceries away and grabbed the ice cream. I know we all have different trials- my life isn't that hard compared to others, like the chic in china that could either lose her legs or live.
But I have been thinking the past week or so, well ever since we moved into our new place, we have a basement and an elliptical. For Lent this year, I know I'm not Catholic, but I do celebrate Mardi Gras, and my thought are if you get to have the party(fun) you have to do the work. So I gave up Mt. Dew/carbonation for 40 days. I only slipped once and that was because I drove to St. George for the parade of homes and I thought it was better to drink the dew than fall asleep driving. I went to the doctor after the 40 days for a previous headache checkup appointment and she told me that I had lost 12 lbs. I wasn't even trying! That was the best news, since then I have started drinking soda again and have probably gained it all back, so.... with that long into my goal for the next 40 days. I think I do better with a time limit, is to Stop drinking Soda, quit eating fast food, and exercise on the elliptical for 30-45 min a day to start out. I want to start this and it seems that every time i want to start exercising I always get sick, and then I forget about it.
SO starting Saturday sick or not I am getting the elliptical in the basement and going.


Moffitt Mania said...

abs I love to read ur stories! Sorry you are sick tho. Who was the guy you ran into? Would I know him? Come visit us in NYC and we will show you a great time!

Kelly said...

Maybe we should have a friendly competition ( I think that's a family thing, too)with this exercise and eat right thing. I gave up on the Isacrap and rejoined WW last week but I need someone to race to keep me motivated. Are you up for it?

brossettelewis said...
Give yourself about an hour, a drink, kleenex, (maybe while tanning fri/sat/sun...i know you want cancer) and then perk up that subtitle (it's uhh...melodramatic).

Ohh, we should have a Brossette Belly Bust! (re:kelly's comment) and make there be a freakin' cool prize, like we all ahve to pitch in and buy the winner .

Manda said...

but i really like being fat.... would it be something like %of weight lost or just # of lbs?