Monday, January 10, 2011

Precursor to retirement?

Classes have been done since the 16th of December. My days were full with Christmas shopping and stuff. Now that the holidays are over and classes are going, I'm finding myself with a bunch of free time, and its driving me crazy! Before I was always busy, but not overly stressed, well maybe stressed but thats what I fed off. Now 5pm hits and I'm wondering what to do with the next 5 or 6 hours. It took me around two weeks to finish decorating for Christmas but only 3 hours to take it down and put it all back in the basement. Yesterday we got home from church at 4pm and I made enchiladas, rolls, watched the end of the Eagles/Green Bay football game and decorated the house for Mardi Gras all before 7. I hope things get busy soon, or I might just make everything in my cookbook and start all those home improvement jobs I never got to. I know I should enjoy the downtime but like I told Cindy last night its hard just sitting there doing nothing. I'm not complaining, I just need some new hobbies, any ideas?


Allison Murray said...

hang out with me!!!

yomommadonna said...

join a gym, get out more,you don't have too come straight home after work. Join a club, do volunteer work, do pottery, art class, yoga or exercise class. Ceramic's is fun. What's your calling right now? Do it better than ever. Blog, e-mail.