Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Festival of Trees 2010

I love Christmas, I love Christmas Trees, I like saving babies, so the Festival of Trees is a no brainer, even if it is WAY to crowded with ijits. I go every year, and the hardest part is finding anyone who wants to go with. Im okay to go by myself, but someone always ends up coming with me. Diane called and said she wanted to go with me this year, poor soul. We went the last night, that was also a saturday night. Super Busy with slow moving people. We got through the big trees (they also do quits, under 5ft trees, gingerbread houses, kids corner, dancing girls, and wreaths) and Diane had had enough. It was super crowed and there were a few trees that all had the same theme.... byu/utah, cowboy, twilight... but all in all it was great to go and catch up with Diane. and start Chirstmas!!! heres a little video of some of the trees.

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DiaNe said...

you didn't put up the 20 pictures of Byu vs U of U trees! Shame.