Monday, January 31, 2011

Its hard to answer, if you shake it off

The Lord and I have an ongoing battle. I ask for things and he answers/grants small things that I don't think to ask for(ie green traffic lights, a short line at the store, parking in the garage when it snows). And He usually grants those small things after I ask for the bigger things. I guess its His way of letting me know He has heard me. For the past few weeks I have been asking for something, if even a chance at it, and I've seen the little things happening for a while but nothing associated with the bigger thing. Then yesterday came. It was fast sunday and so I fasted and kept my mind on those things, I listened to the lessons and testimonies that were given searching for an answer and was later lightly prompted to do something, but I just pushed the idea out of my head thinking it was something I was over thinking to better another situation.

MAN, was I wrong!!!!! I should have just listened, even if I thought it was just me over thinking it. So now I'm more confused on the answer. Did I screw it up? Do I miss things because I'm hardheaded? Did He know I would over think it and that was my answer (it will always be out of my reach) ? Am I thinking to much trying to find an answer in nothing? Am I looking to hard for Him to answer quickly? I'm such a yes, no, black, white, cut dry person when it comes to solutions, I don't like this blurred leave it up to thinking kind of answer. Was that my chance at His answer? Should I just give up and take it as my answer that I don't have a chance at it? How many chances if any more will I get to listen?

I should have never asked in the first place then there wouldn't be all this confusion! Then while linking the topics above I came across this talk!!!! HELP!

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DiaNe said...

God rarely gives us answers just once....especially if He knows how much you are searching for it.