Friday, February 11, 2011

B-E- aggressive... more than a b-ball cheer

I've been drooling over this painting for a while and this week I found it on KSL. I saw that it had been listed for 20+ days and so it was probably sold, but I sent an email, on the off chance it was still there. No reply. The next day around 2ish I thought to call, (some people don't check their email that often) I didn't want to seem pushy and if they didn't answer my email it means its probably sold, right?
Well I called anyhow, and told her about the email I sent and she said it was still available. I asked when it could be picked up and she said she came down to Utah county about once a week, well I was bold and asked if I could come up. she questionably ask, today? and I answered I get off work at 5. I dove up to where she was and she knocked of $10 for my travel.

It's MINE !!!!!!

Lesson Learned: B - E AGGRESSIVE and go for what you want, make it happen!