Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Table

So every holiday I redo the table and add a few decorations around the house. I have a lot of craft blogs that I seal ideas from, but no one was putting up their Easter/spring ideas, so I had to come up with it on my own. I've seen the jelly beans in vases before and I saw the idea for the flower balls(the smaller 2) at TaiPan. The nest idea was from a Martha Stewart magazine a while ago. The green plates I found while looking for a table runner at Walmart(it was like 10:30pm) which they dont carry but I think they are trying to compete with the cute stuff that Target sales. They had those plates in 3 different colors/designs. I kinda wanted them all.

For the top of the tv I found wood garland @ Hobby Lobby and paired it with garland @ TiaPan. The chicks and eggs are from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon pails and eggs were from the $spot at Target. The big egg topiary thing is from TiaPan. It was found in the clearance section (which I did not know existed, i stumbled across it) It was marked down because the paint on a few of the eggs on one side were chipped, ummm just have that facing back, so I got a steal on it.
This is the wreath I made, most of it is from hobby lobby and TiaPan.
When Cindy saw it she asked when she got her own home if I could decorate it! some other friends mentioned I should be a wedding planner.... humm seems like there would be a good market here in UT, maybe I should look into it.


DiaNe said...

is anyone allowed to eat at the pretty table? I somehow doubt it.

abbybrossette said...

Once i finished, i wanted to have a frilly girl dinner, or maybe a light brunch. it needs to be used.