Thursday, March 25, 2010

Counting down to the cruise

So I've been thinking a lot about going on this cruise. Mostly about what could go wrong. I've hidden behind the 'why would anyone want to leave this country' but I've got a passport and a friend that likes to travel and go on vacations, so I'm going on a cruise. I'm very EXCITED but I do have a few concerns.

1. The boat sinking. what if it has those gates in it like they did in the Titanic movie, where the poor people were trapped? I checked our room and we are 2 floors above the life boats. Cindy says they can hold around 200 - I'm just glad I'm a chick (women and children first) that rule still applies Right?!?!?!?! 2. Sharks. I pray they don't like dark meat! but I did learn from shark week that if you place your palm on their nose they wont eat you, so you know I have that going for me.

3. Pirates- I doubt they are anything like Johnny Depp. I just hope their ships are clearly labeled like this one.
4. Manda reminded me about this movie. I know but Abby you don't watch scary movies or movies without happy endings but alas I have seen this one, and ummm see #2 above. Also another fear, Cindy and I signed up for snorkeling...umm what if the boat forgets us???????
5. I want to either sleep on the floor or put something that will wake me up if water starts running onto the floor. Even though I mentioned we are 2 feet above the lifeboats we are still in the front of the boat. Cindy said since were on the inside of the boat our rooms with be completely dark, at first I was overjoyed (i like sleeping like a vampire) but I'm not sure I'll be getting a great nights sleep like I thought I would.
6. again sharks, but how am I suppose to put my palm on every shark if they are circling like this?

7. I might be a little spoiled, but umm do you have any nicer jail cells, maybe with an unused mattress or sheets, or maybe a not so public bathroom, or air conditioner, or without bugs or small animals? (my spanish isn't all that great and quite offensive. Cindy said if I'm not shot, I'll probably end up in prison)8. I know its seem impossible but I'm that one person that would fall off the entrance ramp into the nasty water.

So umm yeah, a few things that are worrying me. I'm not getting that much sleep, which gives my mind more time to think of things that could go wrong.


Allison Murray said...

you will love it!!!!!!!

DiaNe said...


I have been on two cruises. It's a miracle I'm still alive.

Kelly said...

you forgot about the hanging meat in the market place - how long has that been there? And, are the swarming meat flies included in the cost?

The Grampp Fam said...'re so cute! How fun!!! You will have a blast! We want to go on a cruise too, so you'll have to let me know how it turns out! Love ya girl!