Monday, October 19, 2009


I took vacation time from work to attend a friends wedding in Nauvoo. It was fun, busy, and quick.

These two were in the Visitors center in Nauvoo. I really like the second one.
Walkway right outside Carthage Jail.

Jennie and me outside Carthage Jail.
This is the window where the Prophet Joseph Smith was shot
This flag only has 18 stars and was presented to Lincoln. it is said to have been a symbol of those states apposed to the confederacy.
This door was once located at a friend of Abraham Lincoln's. He often visited the home while he was practicing law.

Nauvoo Temple
Manda in her NEW car(in provo, before the trip).

Then came back for 4 days and then left for Las Vegas. It was scary, eye opening, and awesome.
Tuba Man at the UNLV/UTAH football game

Kid from Utah Univ.

Cindy w/ Caesar
Pretty cake in one of the shops

This tree was a fountain

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