Monday, October 26, 2009

Pre Halloween

This weekend I got on a Martha Stewart kick and baked and decorated for Halloween. Cindy's birthday is on Tuesday and she was telling me about some doughnuts that they have at orchards in New Jersey, so I googled the recipe for Apple Cider doughnuts and made them. She said they were ok but different from the ones in the orchard. I just smiled and thought to myself, NOTHING beats Southern Maid doughnuts, so there.
Then we had dinner group this past Sunday and I made a Chocolate Orange layer cake the directions on the cake are a little confusing (well maybe just for me) so I made 2 cakes by accident.

Now to the kitchen table decorations. I know its a little late to be decorating for Halloween but maybe it will stay up a little into November. Here is the entire table.

Cindy found this scull and bones. The orange and black balls were at Tai-Pan. Then napkins- Kohls for FREE. When we first strung the little white guys up the string was tied to their back bone and so it looked like they were flying, my roommate said they looked like dead babies, and we couldn't have that so we tried again, but it was kinda funny for a bit.
Cindy also got the small skeleton heads. I like the sparkles!!!!
The place mats another Kohls purchase for 3.95 total, originally 6.99 each, I got 4.
Close up of the plate setting.When I was making the orange icing the directions didn't say anything about when you put the powdered sugar and milk and orange zest in and turn on the mixer that most of it would land on the counter. Guess this is why I don't have my own show on Food Network. Luckily I was wearing my apron (thanks Manda for the apron, it was a clothes saver).

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DiaNe said...

looks like you went all out! I shouldn't be surprised.