Thursday, October 1, 2009

Its the 2nd greatest time of the year

* the Holiday season starts
- - EVERYONE is starting to display CHRISTMAS stuff
*my friend Manda's getting married
*it's BREAST CANCER awareness month
*EVERYTHING you can imagine comes in PINK for 1 month
*the leaves start to change
*college Football is in full swing
*fall break trip to Las Vegas to visit Staci(old roommate)
*Halloween (I'm going as the chic from 'The Birds'
*Cindy's B-day
*decorating for Halloween (pic to come, its going to be Glitzy)
*in theaters Toy Story and Toy Story 2 double feature for 2 weeks
*31 days until 106.5 plays NON-stop CHRISTMAS music
*September is OVER

the 3 bad things so far are
if I dont pass 2 test by the 20th I wont graduate in December
its COLD
I have to add a math class(if I pass those 2 tests)

1 comment:

DiaNe said...

you made it through another September! No tickets, I presume?

Christmas music on the radio...bring it on.