Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Toys R Us Employee

Mr Toys R Us Employee, I have a bone to pick with you.
I don't think you fully understand the words 'Customer Service' very well.

1. Maybe it is due to the amount of gel you use to cover your receding hairline with your comb over. Its not working for you we can still see that you are going bald.

2. When I ask if you have a certain item it is okay to just say no, we don't carry that item. You do not need to stick your nose in the air and tell me that what I am looking for is out dated and how can I use something so archaic.
2a. it was FREE
2b. not everyone wants/can afford to update every time a new upgrade comes out
2c. do you upgrade every time w/ your (I'm guessing) $6.75/hr paycheck?
2d. it works perfectly so why get a new one?

3. You are a 30+ something working at Toys R Us- and it didn't seem like it was because you lost your amazing job to the recession.

4. I am not a teenager, there is no need to talk down to me.


5. dude you are not as awesome/powerful as you think, get over yourself.

***Does anyone know where I can find a cover for my Ipod? I think its a 5th generation (OMG, I know, how can I stand to be seen in public with it) 60 gig.


brossettelewis said...

Mac stores.

TRU employees suck, especially the manager in Orem, I hope he gets violently ill and has long term bowel issues. I would wish impotence on him but really I doubt the need is even on his radar.

DiaNe said...

Last I checked, TRU didn't sell vibrators. You need to look somewhere else.