Monday, July 27, 2009

Beating Boredom

On Sundays I get out of church at 11:30 and by 1 or 2 I am going crazy with nothing to do, so I usually bake. Well I decided I would make Jambalaya instead of making a dessert. As I was starting to cook Cindy noticed I had 3 types of meat on the counter. We thought it was funny so we took a picture. -sausage, chicken, and ham.

Amanda made this apron!!! I kinda REALLY love it. The other side is opposite using the same pattern as the pink strap and waist ties.

I found these plates on Craigslist. I think they are pretty awesome.

Our table is always set but no one eats at it. My favorites are the ribbons around the cups.

The ham (from the pic of meat above) I bought was REALLY good, so I made Cindy try it. It had a lot of juices so we used paper towels so the juice wouldn't drip on us. We thought it was SUPER classy. We are getting a new roommate soon, I hope shes okay with our silliness.

Here's a picture of the Jambalaya.


brossettelewis said...

Do you know that crack can be inhaled through the a/c in adjoining apartments?

Manda said...

um.. and i thought that apron was for "some friend getting married"

DiaNe said...

that jambalaya was GOOD! And anyone about to live with the two of you should have to sign a waiver.