Friday, July 17, 2009

Birth Control thanks to Morgan Freeman

I'm not a big fan of Mtv, but there is this show that has me staying up till midnight on Thursdays. Its called 16 and Pregnant. It is a documentary show that follows girls that have been knocked up by their super cool boyfriends through their pregnancies, the life changes, the sacrifices and all that comes with having and keeping their baby. Not excited to watch? Well these girls are 16!!! and their are awkward moments where you ask yourself WHAT !?!?!? where are the parents, think of the baby!!! I think its funny when the girls want to keep the baby and their thought process is something like, its going to be fun to have a baby, they're so cute. umm did you forget about the every 3 hr feedings, poopy diapers? Then once the babies get here the moms tired, emotional, and in most episodes the only real parent, as the guys live with them but still go out and play with their friends. Its kinda funny in a real sad way.

Two of my favorite parts from this season are from Amber and Farrahs' episodes. Amber gets tired of pushing, shes almost done and says, i'm done I want a c-section, umm you cant just quit!! and two Farrah' s dad is her doctor!!! EWWW, umm gross.

Last night was the season finale(Catelynn) and the two 16yr old parents came from beyond white trash families, who the 16yr old dad's dad spent most of his childhood in jail, and the girls mom was a drunk and spent a lot of nights in jail. The couple started dating in 7th grade and then the creepy thing is the two jail prone parents got married!!!!! so these teens somehow managed to have a good bit of sense and thought the best thing for the child would be to give it up for adoption. The 16dad's dad said for him to man up and keep the baby, giving the baby away was not being responsible!!!! umm FREAK. The girls mom was also against them giving the baby, even to the point that when they were signing the papers at the hospital the mom wouldn't co-sign so the girl already emotional enough had to carry her baby out of the hospital doors and then hand her over. I cried like a baby. What also made this episode so great was that the dude(16yr old) cried as much as the girl, all of the other couples kept their babies, but I think these two are going to make great parents someday. It really is a great(and by great I mean informative) show. After watching this show we joke around about how could a couple watch this and still want to sit on the same couch!!!! I think this show should be shown in sex ed, it would be a great scare tactic for teenagers. the shows are on MTV and HULU (already linked to the correct pages) . I also think its pretty cool that Morgan Freeman produces the show, that's what sparked my interest in the first place. Next weeks episode is kinda like a where are they now show, its going to be AWESOME.

Really watch them, it will make you feel batter about yourself! and the Catelynn episode is REALLY good, if not for the weirdness of their families but for the story on adoption.


Allison Murray said...

last night's was glad those kids were smart enough to give their little girl up for adoption!

DiaNe said...

let's see many kids have you put up for adoption? I bet that episode made you miss your five kids.

brossettelewis said...

I've only seen the adoption episode. It's worth watching.