Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watermelon and Grandpa Brossette

Last night I bought a watermelon on the way home from work, the 1st of the season. As I was cutting it into bite size pieces, I realized that I was throwing the rind away, now to anyone this probably means nothing, but it took me back to my childhood. I can remember practically any time we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Brossette's house in the summer or spent the night Grandma would always have fresh watermelon for us to snack on. Grandpa, wearing either a blue, navy or Khaki Dickies jumpsuit, would be sitting in the corner of the kitchen eating his cheese and crackers while we snacked on watermelon and blackberries. Grandpa would always remind us to save the rind so that he could take them back to his worm farm in the backyard. It was a shed half was used for lawn care stuff and the other side had a deep freezer, and 2 barrels full of dirt and worms covered with wet newspaper. He would always take us back with him so we could see the worms and place the rind down for the worms. Then later we would go back out and dig for worms to take fishing with us. One way I could always find Grandpa's house was that he had a 'Worms for Sale' sign above his carport. And when we would play in their backyard we always had to be careful of the shed and not to run into where the worms were. Cutting that watermelon reminded me of the countless hours we spent in their backyard, the scary dog next door, and the countless fishing lines I got stuck in the trees when we would go fishing and how much patience my Grandpa had with me while not only fishing, but putting the worm on the hook and taking the fish off, if I ever caught anything.

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