Friday, May 1, 2009

DONE... well for a few days

FINALS are finished, now its just a waiting game to see if those low cut shirts and endless flirty blinks worked enough to get me a passing grade.

Some things I've learned this semester:
-Saturday morning classes lose their luster when it is a Power Point presentation every week.
-Having friends with the same sense of humor makes the class period go by faster.
-Writing and passing notes during a lecture not only happens in middle school but in college also
-It is exciting and self-esteem building when 2 guys fight over who gets to be in a group with you, then go and beg the teacher to let it be a group of 3.
-Tearing up does have its benefits

Wish Me luck!!! grades are out in a week or so (just as summer classes begin) JOY!


brossettelewis said...

Glad it's all about the education.

DiaNe said...

Group work CAN be good! I had no idea.

The Grampp Fam said...

Good luck!!!