Friday, April 24, 2009

For Sale: Miss Independent

So I should be working on math homework/test because they are due at 11:59pm Saturday night, but I need a break from school. So what else could my topic be about if its not on school? well you guessed it, guys. This past weekend I went on a blind date, and it was bad! I compare blind dates to somewhat like a business dinner, you want to show your best side and only promote the best qualities- practically trying to sale yourself.
A friend of mine a work has been wanting to set us up for about 6 months now, so Saturday we went ice skating. I love ice skating, or so I thought. I fell 3 times with the last time a checkup by the arena safety patrol. It wasn't all that bad, I didn't get embarrassed or anything I just got back on my feet until I would fall again. It didn't help the guy I was with was a master skater. After skating we had to run by Sam's Club for some ice cream for his ward social the next day. I guess when you get to our age (hes 30) you kinda forget about the whole debate of can I really let them know who I am, and you just say this is me take it or leave it- why waste our time, if something like going to the grocery store is going to change the way you feel about me. While we were there we stopped to look at the cakes, because of the Cake Wreck blog I have to check. He brought up the point that every time he would walk faster to catch up with me (I was walking next to the cart) I would in turn walk faster. I explained, that's where I usually stand when grocery shopping. He also pointed out that each time I fell and he offered his help I would reply 'I'm okay, I can do it' and then get up w/o any help from him. He said I was very independent, and asked when did I become that way? He asked in a nice way, he wasn't a jerk, actually he was a gentleman, a big surprise for Utah.
I have never thought of myself as the independent type. When I think of independent I think of Libby, Manda, and Kelly, who does/says what she wants. I always envied that about them, that thy could say no, that they could just go out and do anything. Conference weekend they talked to me about buying a buy a HOUSE?!?!?! no I could never do that.... but then after what this guy said about me being so independent...
Then today at work ask I was talking with a couple of guys one asked my age and I told him I was 25 and he asked if I had a serious boyfriend. I said no, and then the guy that set me and the ice skating dude up was like, 'but she does date' and the guy who asked my age was like well whats wrong with you? you probably scare the guys away.
DO I?????
I didn't think I gave on a 'man-eater/hater' vibe.
I responded well, maybe its the fact that I am a CM major. The guy that set me up on the blind date then did the default... 'well just have patience and he'll come along' speech. But then the subject changed and never came back. How do I scare guys away? Have I become to independent that I refuse help?
Really I didn't need this going into finals week!!! I give up. I'm 20 credits/8 months away from being a college graduate. I am about to accomplish something not everyone gets to do.

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DiaNe said...

remember that everything that was said to you was said by an owner of a dick. Dicks directly imply stupidity. You do not scare men away. You might scare the weak ones, but no one wants them anyway. You have always been independent and I think that is great! Keep it up!