Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How friendly is your Chiropractor?

Last year at the Balloon festival I picked up J&M and had a sharp pain in my lower back, I was a cript for about a week having to bear crawl up the stairs each night to my room. I just iced it and it went away, then every once in a while it would hurt again each time quickly going away.
well, 2 wks ago during finals, I went to the post office stood in line FOREVER and shifted my weight and POP back pain! and it didn't go away, so I broke down and went to Kelly's chiropractor.

*Does he make house calls after 7 to check and see how you are doing? - not the receptionist, he himself.
*In the 3 rules that he gives about his office, does one include dinner with him?
(rules 1&2 were remember appointments and be honest{i think I was kinda thrown off by rule 2})
*Only been 3 times and he calls me by name and can spell my last name correctly without looking at how to spell it.

Ummm either He has a comment box that I haven't seen or He's all about wanting to make the world a better place for people with hurt backs.

Side note my spline/spine (same thing right?!?) leans to the Left!!!
Manda and Kelly made fun of me-not all of us are anatomy majors!!! and asked if I had a chance to see what he could do for my fingers, since they're bent also. DIE DIE DIE!!!!


Kelly said...

are these the rules of the guy in Draper? He's married and seemed pretty normal to me. Are you on painkillers, by chance? Maybe your inflamed spleen is causing your mind to make up crazy things!

brossettelewis said...

Dinner? Please 'esplain.

DiaNe said...

he's married? Ah poop. Sounds like a catch!