Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round - about compliment ?!?

This past weekend my ward put on a cowboy themed sorta blind date activity. It was really fun and the guy that I went with was pretty cool. On Monday Gene, a guy at work, (the one that set me up with a guy awhile ago {click on Gene above to read about it}) asked how it went.
He then went on to tell me the guy he set me up with about a year ago was dating this other chic. umm, well that's great!?! Gene was not too kind in describing this girl. I bet she's really nice and makes that guy happy, and he must find her attractive and they get along well. Gene then went on to say that he asked that guy why he never called me back and the guy said that I was too much of a trophy for him. ummm, WHAT??!? Gene said it was a complement. Dude, how low is your self-esteem?

But in a way I can see the comparison....

Both are big on top and gradually get smaller as they go down.

So I guess I'll take that as a compliment.


DiaNe said...

Oh don't know how to handle perfection, do they?

DiaNe said...

I miss your sisters!